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The purpose of the GVR Canadian Club is to provide an opportunity for persons having a connection with Canada to meet fellow Canadians and enjoy social activities with them.    Various activities (social meetings, pot-luck dinners, golf tournaments) take place from time to time to facilitate this.

Being a GVR Club entitles the Canadian Club to use GVR facilities.   It also means that Canadian Club members must be GVR members to attend functions at GVR facilities.    All those holding membership, tenant or guest cards in good standing with the Green Valley Recreation (GVR) association are entitled to join and participate in any meeting or activity until the maximum capacity of the facility being used is reached.   All members must abide by the published rules and regulations and the member Code of Conduct of GVR.

The golf events are not held at GVR sites, and therefore are open to all Canadians regardless of membership in GVR.  

The Registrar tracks advance registration for Club events, ensuring there will be enough food, drink, seating etc., as well as taking care of GVR sign-in requirements.   In 2007, GVR instituted a different guest pass system.   When bringing a visiting friend or relative to a Canadian Club event, please arrange a guest pass for them in advance of the event.  The guest policy can be viewed HERE.